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Specialty Asian Vegetables and Herbs

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Long Bean

     Cost Study - Long Bean

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Long Bean


     Cost Study - Lemongrass

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Lemongrass

     Lemongrass Research Trial - 2003


     Cost Study - Bittermelon

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Bittermelon

Squashes - Moqua and Opo

     Cost Study - Moqua and Opo

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Moqua and Opo

Squashes - Sinqua

     Cost Study - Sinqua

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Sinqua


     UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines for Eggplant

     Photos of Eggplant Diseases and Pests

     Postharvest Quality for Eggplant

     Cost Study - Eggplant

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Eggplant


     Cost Study - Daikon

     Cost Study Excel Worksheet - Daikon


Other Resources

     Marketing Specialty Vegetables

     SE Asian Crop Availability and Prices

     Seed Companies

     Small Farm Resource Directoy (Hmong)

     Specialty Asian Retail Markets in Fresno

     UCCE Vegetable Research and Information Center

     Specialty Commodities Promotion in Disadvantaged Communities

     UC Small Farm Program Resources - Specialty Vegetables


About Specialty Asian Vegetables

     Guide to Asian Specialty Vegetables in the Central Valley

     Recipes for Asian Vegetables

     Specialty Crops in Fresno 2000

     Southeast Asian Specialty Crop Experimental Project (USDA-NRCS)

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