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Food Safety Resources and Downloadable Templates

Record Keeping Templates

Chemical Spray Log English Espanol                                                  Injury Log English Espanol

Cleaning & Sanitizing Log English Espanol Hmoob                            Irrigation Log English Espanol 

Cold Storage Log English Espanol                                                      Post-Harvest Wash Water Log English Espanol

Compost Log English Espanol                                                             Pre-Harvest Checklist English Espanol

Employee Break Area Log English Espanol                                        Sales Log English Espanol Hmoob

Employee Training Log English Espanol Hmoob                                Soil Amendment Log English Espanol

First-Aid Kit Log English Espanol                                                        Transportation Truck Inspection Log English Espanol

First-aid Kit Requirements (OSHA) English                                        Visitor Sign-In Log English Espanol

Hand-Wash & Restroom Cleaning Checklist English Espanol            Water Testing Log English Espanol

Harvest Log English Espanol                                                               Water Treatment Log English Espanol

Wildlife & Pest Management Log English Espanol

Food Safety Technical Assistance

UCCE Fresno County currently is offering assistance to small-scale farms for food safety compliance through a grant from the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA). We provide record keeping templates, risk assessments, mock audits, and assistance with developing food safety plans.

To schedule an appointment, contact Jacob Roberson at 559-241-7524 or jtroberson@ucanr.edu.

Additional information and resources are available through the Community Alliance for Family Farms (CAFF):

Recycling Option for Agriculture Materials

UCCE Fresno has researched feasible ways for farmers in Fresno County to recycle drip tape and approved agricultural plastics at little cost ($250) in order to improve sustainability within our large agricultural community. In addition to this, recycling layflat hose is also an option but that does come at an extra cost to the farmer.


Recycling the materials mentioned above removes them from the landfills, where they sit for years since they are not commonly recycled and are not able to break down naturally (decompose). There is an answer for local farmers and that answer is located right here in our backyard in the city of Selma. At AJ Waste Solutions, they accept these materials and are willing to pick them up once the materials have been loaded in to a 40 yard roll-off container. Once AJ Waste Solutions has the product on their property, the materials go through a cleaning process and are ultimately turned in to various kinds of products and fashion accessory items (LandfillDzine website)!


For more information, please contact AJ Waste Solutions.