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Emergency Grants and Loans

Grant Opportunities

California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)

CA Underserved and Small Producers (CUSP) Program
CUSP was created in 2021 to facilitate direct assistance to individual small and mid-scale and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers who need technical assistance support in applying for economic relief grant programs and assistance with business planning and marketing strategies, and implementation of climate smart practices. Visit their website to view current and past funding opportunities.

Farmer Loan Programs

Feed the Hunger Fund
Low-interest loans and financial planning services for small farmers. Loans may be applied to drilling new agricultural wells. Contact: Juan Santiago, santiago@feed-hunger.com or (559) 706-9582.

California Farmlink
Loans designed for farmers, ranchers, and fishers at multiple stages of development. Drought relief - i.e. pump repair, well work, etc. - would most likely fall under a Term Loan ($5,000-$1.825m). Visit their website for more information. Interested growers should fill out their Farm Loan Inquiry survey.

Fresno County Housing Assistance Rehabilitation Program (HARP)
HARP provides loans to eligible homeowner families for moderate to substantial home rehabilitation and/or reconstruction projects. Hmong language assistance available, please let them know your preferences over the phone. *For domestic well clients only.